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Pastel de Chaves: PGI Pastry of Portugal!

In Northern Portugal, close to the Spanish border, lies the Historical city of Chaves. Surrounded by 5 natural sources of spring water, it was founded by the Romans who named it Acqua Flaviae as a tribute to their Emperor. Today, the beautiful Roman bridge can still be seen there, as well as Thermal baths. But, the one thing that characterises the town of Chaves best, foodwise, is probably its "Pastel de Chaves"!

This snack is basically a half-moon shaped puff pastry filled with minced veal and vegetables. Made by hand, it requires great skills for making both the filling and the puff pastry.

The History behind the local delicacy goes back to 1862, when a lucky woman brought some of it from another town. The quick success of her homemade pastries was so big that she quickly ran out of stock. Fortunately, a local woman named Teresa Feliz Barreira (who founded Casa do Antigo Pasteleiro) is said to have paid one pound for the recipe which still exists today.

The Pastel de Chaves has PGI status (Protected Geographical Indication) since 2014 within the European Union.



Made by So' & Max

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