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Fromage | Formaggi | Queso

Cheese is easier to eat than to understand !

I grew up with it, with cheese.

It is part of our traditional Sunday lunch in France. I would be full by 3pm but then the huge wicker cheese board would arrive and my body would secretly make space just for it!  I would have always a piece of each: Comté, Camembert, Maroilles and Fourme D’Ambert.


It was only later that I discovered the Brillat Savarin with truffles, a triple cream cheese so creamy that my mother would always give me 24hours to finish it, which I never complained about, but this will be for another article!


I always thought I knew everything about it, in fact I had in mind a vague idea of how it was made,but it was only when I decided to consider it that I discovered that:


                 Cheese wasn’t a gift from God to mankind but a real art!


In this section, I will be explaining a few basics about Cheese, Enjoy!

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