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No Fuss: The Basic Stuff You Need to Know About Wine...

     Well, we all have to start here we'll go back to the very basics: we'll peel off grapes and look into them, we'll smell the spices in our kitchen, we'll wonder why is red wine red? I will try to find the answers for all the questions you might have about fermented grape juice.


     There is no room for pride and ego here, and whatever your question is, feel free to ask it here. You know what they say, the only stupid question is the one you don't ask!

What is?..

All the Things you Ever Wondered about Wine...

Wine Basics

Some Basic Tutorials to Understand Fermented Grape Juice


A Quick Guide to the Obscure Labelling Terms in Wine

Your Questions

Can't Find the Answer to Something? Ask the Question Here.

Quick Tutorials for Beginners
Wine Basics
Ever Wondered What is...
What Is?..

Vintage, ABV, obscure wine laws... I will be posting some info to get your head around wine labels here!

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