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February 1, 2018

A great thing to do if you are in Battambang for a short while is to rent a Tuk Tuk for a half day (around $15) & discover the surrounding countryside.

We chose the foodie trail, but you can visit temples as well. You can start your day around 10am, no stress, your tuk tuk driver will pick you up at your hotel, they usually speak a good English but you might double check with your hotel/guesthouse reception when booking.

Below is the list of the places where we chose to stop along the day and trust us it was worth it!

Sticky Rice with Sesame Seeds!

This family makes the great Cambodian sticky rice with coconut! Delish!

The bamboo sticky rice

It’s a sticky rice cooked inside a bamboo stick! Another nice treat you can find sometimes in town (near the station). Some black beans can be...

November 27, 2017

When we arrived in Rio, we were amazed by the amount of fruits that were completely new to us! With the Amazonian rainforest nearby, the possibilities for growing incredibly juicy, colourful, sweet, tasty fruits are infinite!!!

For our last week in South America, we have decided to go shopping freshly every day from the market in order to share with you these little sweet wonders.

The chosen one for the first session of #fruitoftheday is going to impress you. Called Pinha in Portuguese.

This little green spiky ball, looking like a strange pine cone (hence the name) is just delicious! If you search for it in an English-speaking country, it might be called sweetsop, sugar-apple or custard apple. In France, we named it Attier or Pomme-Cannelle (Apple- cinnamon).

Before talking about the taste, le...

September 2, 2017

If you are in Rio on a Saturday and love Food you have to stop there!

It is located on Rua General Glicerio (30 minutes walking from the Metro Station Largo Machado).

The atmosphere is amazing, people are welcoming, when you arrive you just feel like spending the day there!

You can enjoy street food everywhere, we recommend that you try the Bolinhos de bacalhau (codfish beignet)  or the crepioca (crêpes with tapioca), they are amazing.

There is no word to describe it, the best is to look at the pictures below! 


March 26, 2017

It symbolizes happiness around food. You could go there with a definite idea of your lunch/dinner and leave this place with a totally different basket!

A year ago, we came here with a friend who’s a Chef and we thought he had discovered gold when we got to this market! By seeing his reaction, I realized myself how amazing this place was, something I had forgotten in the past… So, I thought it would be great to share it with you!

Some of the fruit & veg stalls are 10 meter long, sometimes even more.

I like them because they look like rainbows, with the multicolored heirloom tomatoes, all the varietals of salads going from green for the Frisée to purple for the Oak Leaf, the green & white asparagus; the bright orange carrots, the dark green broccoli, and so on…

I like to hear the merchants screa...

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