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So & Max

Foodies in Love

Passionate about food and wine, we decided to leave everything behind and go travel the world to discover producers and their terroirs.


We both worked in the industry for years, as sourcing manager for a food importer in Ireland for So' and sommelier/wine educator for Max.

In 2017, while we originally were saving money to buy a house and settle down in Ireland, we realised that something was missing in our lives: we hadn't discovered enough of the world. We left our jobs after saving enough money to go travelling the world, meet producers and learn from their passion and knowledge.

Both French, we decided to start our trip in somewhere more exotic: South America. There, we went to Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia & Peru. After that, we took you to South East Asia, more precisely Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam. Right now, we are driving our big old camper van through Europe and a long list of amazing terroirs!

Follow us on a great journey through top terroirs & unforgettable aromas!


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