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It all started with a bottle of wine by the fireplace, in our apartment in Dublin... In 2017, while we were originally saving money to buy a house and settle down like "you should do", So' & I realised that we weren't ready for this, that we still had to travel the World and discover new things! 

Our passion and jobs were always related to food and wine, so it was obvious that we were going to focus on that! We launched this website Food Vinebrations in February to share our passion and experiences with you. From there, we started to create an itinerary through terroirs of the World that we really wanted to explore. 

In August, we started the first part of the trip: South America. For the next three months, we'll be exploring Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia & Peru. After that, we'll travel to South-East Asia and visit Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia & Malaysia. Finally, we'll drive our big old camper van through Europe. 

The trip should take about 15 months in total. All along the way, we'll share our experiences and discoveries with you here. We hope you can get the best out of it, and if there are things you want us to explore, recommendations or questions, feel free to contact us!

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July 5, 2018

*This is the uncut version of an article that was originally published in*

        Well, hello you, it’s a pleasure to welcome you back here. I hope you enjoyed our adventures in the Mendoza as much as we did back then. This time, we’ll step back a little and consider South America as one destination. The main point of our travels was to discover how people would eat and drink in the rest of the World...

May 24, 2018

***This is the uncut version of an article originally published on in February 2018***

Welcome to our Travelogue...

     After spending respectively 5 and 7 years on the beautiful Emerald Island, it wasn’t an easy call for us to leave it. We had been feeling the lust for adventure for a while but between the dream and the active decision to go, a good few months had passed. Eventually, it took a bottle of wine (t...

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November 26, 2017

You know the drill, Cuppa'Coffee is about a simple concept: in each episode, one professional barista will take you through one origin of coffee and one brewing/extraction method.

In this second episode, Diego Cisneros Pinto from Kafi Wasi Coffee House in Arequipa (Peru) talks about his choice of coffee from the highlands of Cuzco and the techniques involved in the making of an espresso.

Check it out below and stay tuned fo...

November 24, 2017

When we arrived in Arequipa, apart from being amazed at the architecture and shining bright white  stones (forged by lava), we quickly felt thirsty! The city is quite hilly and since it was early in the morning, we decided to go for a coffee.

Unlike what one can expect, even though Peru is the world's 10th producer of coffee, the people there don't consider the black drink anything special and the norm is instant coffee. So, no...

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Travel Tips

September 26, 2017

A big part of the enjoyment we find in travelling is to get lost in a different culture and to notice the small details that remind you that you’re away. With food being such a key element of our everyday lives, the way people eat tells a lot about their culture. In Brazil, some of these eating habits made up the “exotic side” of going out for a meal. Here are a few things you can expect to find there:

Self service: Food by kilo

Just like we buy our veggies and fruits by the kilo in the shops in Europe, you can expect to find a scale in these self-service restaurants. If you pass the door and are handed a little card, hold on to it & don’t panic, here is how it works!

The layout is usually the same, there’s a buffet somewhere with cold starters and hot mains, sometimes even a “Churrasco” area...