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Words on Wine Ep.1: Mayte Calvo on the Red Varietals of Rioja

During our visit of the fantastic wine region that is Rioja, we were lucky enough to step into the exclusive Bodega Baron de Ley, with its Historical monastery.

Chief winemaker Mayte Calvo, who has been trained by legendary Gonzalo Rodriguez, took the time to show us the differences between some of the grape varietals of Rioja. Within the DO regulations, Tempranillo is the most important grape in the blend (in volume), however the others bring their own character to the final wine (Graciano, Mazuelo (Carignan), Garnacha (Grenache), Maturana Tinta, Monastel (which isn't Monastrel!)...).

I hope you enjoy this first episode of Words on Wine, many more will follow!!!

Made by So' & Max

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