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Fruit of the day #2 Guava

Today we bought a guava, alright we know this is not the fruit you’ve never heard of! However, we thought the following might be of interest to you. Guava is now relatively common and cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions.


The interesting part is in its botanical identity, guava grows on a small tree called Psidium guajava, native to the Caribbean, Central and South America

Guava drawing

Psidium guajava is part of the

Myrtaceae or the myrtle family which is a

family of dicotyledonous plants, part of the

order Myrtales. Sorry I know it’s

confusing and not very clear, but here comes the interesting part, I promise! The other famous members of the order are clove, allspice & eucalyptus. Isn’t it surprising ?


Guava contains way more vitamin C than orange, 5 times more to be exact! In 100g of guava you will get approx. 220mg of Vitamin C when in 100g of orange, it's only about 53mg!


And guess what?! Guava is also good for vitamin A & B!

Guava Juice

Not only Guava is good for you but it also tastes good. The combination of aromas can be very surprising, with notes of peach, tomato and even strawberry!

Just an advice when choosing your fruit: Guava is quite fragile so make sure the skin is clean and not damage when you pick yours. Don't go for the flabby ones, a good guava has to be firm!

Guava is a versatile product, you can use it in fruit salad, jam, juice but also in savory salads or with fish. You choose and you enjoy!

Made by So' & Max

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