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Day 2: From Laranjeiras to Copacabana!

We've helped our friend Dan to move out from the neighbourhood of Laranjeiras to the most famous beach in the World: Copacabana!!! Three guys in an old Volkswagen Combi pulled out at the front to move all the stuff. After such an effort, we needed to enjoy some nice street food and went for a coxinha com requeijao (pronounce CO-SHEE-NIA COWN HAY-KAY-JAW), a delicious croquette stuffed with shredded chicken and cream cheese. Lovely food for just R$5 (about €1.35 at the time). Also discovered a brilliant place for coffee on Ave. Nossa Senhora de Copacabana: Armazem 331. Fantastic selection of single origin coffee beans for sale, great for learning the different terroirs of Brazil! And if you just want to relax, you can also sit down and have a cup there...

Day 2

Made by So' & Max

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