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Day 5: Gloria & Santa Teresa Market

What a day ! Rio has so many different atmospheres to offer! Started our day with the stunning Market of Gloria and then Santa Teresa gave us one of the best views of Rio & a traditional feijoada!

We were lucky to meet the owner of the Bar Do Mineiro: Diogenes. He explained to us that his place had become famous after being advertised in the Louis Vuitton " carnet de voyage ". Since that he's been recommended in many travel books and in the fantastic guide "Where Chefs Eat".

When we arrived, it was totally packed (usually a good sign) so we had to wait outside and enjoyed a beer. Tough life! The food arrived quickly after we ordered, everything was super tasty & there was so much of it!

The traditional Farofa that comes with Feijoada is served with a twist here: chunky bits of dried pork, just amazing! We couldn't recommend this place enough. Our Brazilian friend Dan brought us there because he knew the place was good. As I said, it was packed and most of the people were locals, which is even better! A big thank you again to Diogenes and his team for this gastronomic & cultural experience!

Made by So' & Max

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