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Day 4: Laranjeiras Food Market

If you are in Rio on a Saturday, make sure you go to the Laranjeiras Food Market! You can check out the full article So' posted about it here.

Laranjeiras Food Market

On the market, we met Fred, a French man who settled down in the state of Rio to produce Cachaca (his fazenda is called Cachaca da Quinta)!

This local spirit is made with fermented sugar can juice and can be sold with age or young. We had a great opportunity to try spirits aged in different types of wood, what a difference! The young one is fruity with a slight sweetness remaining in the drink, perfect for making Caipirinha!

Another one was aged in Amburana wood, giving it a much darker hue and a floral nose with notes of vanilla and toast. The last one, aged in Balsamo wood, had strong herbaceous notes on the nose and palate, really nice for sipping by the fire in the winter!


On the way there, you should see amazing street art as well, and if you like the good old VW Combi vans, you will be delighted in Rio, I have never seen so many in my life!

Street Art

Made by So' & Max

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